Networking has been the #1 way to find employment for years: LinkedIn can help you Network!


I know that some of you are saying, “Really?” I need to have a LinkedIn Profile now! Isn’t job seeking hard enough!

Job Seeking isn’t easy. I can be very time consuming and some times feels fruitless. But one must be persistent. When in job search mode, always, always be persistent!

Networking has been the #1 way to find employment since before Richard Bolles wrote his first edition of “What Color is Your Parachute.”

Creating a LinkedIn Profile really isn’t that hard once you have a top notch resume. Use some of LinkedIn’s video’s to help.

A link to help students:

Be sure to scroll down and watch all the video’s – Enjoy!


If you have not done it yet, it is time to: Build your LinkedIn Profile



For over two years now, Career Services staff at Western Technical College have been promoting the use of LinkedIn to add to your job search tool box. LinkedIn is an on line form of networking. We have been providing assistance to those who need help creating a LinkedIn profile. Now days using LinkedIn is a necessity. If you haven’t found employment yet and you want to have LinkedIn help you out, come to Career Services (Mon-Thurs 8 am to 4 pm) or (Fri 10 am to 4 pm). We can assist you with creating a LinkedIn profile.

“A full 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to actively search for and contact potential employees, according to a 2014 survey by recruiting platform Jobvite.”

Those of us that are good with technology are able to quickly create our profiles. Just like a resume, it is important to get someone to edit our document or profile and make sure we have not over-looked some glaring mistake.

I know it is easy to put off something because, “you want to have more time to focus completely.” If you have been using that excuse to avoid getting started, you should know that I created my profile a little bit at a time, when ever I had a few minutes. Before I knew it my profile was complete. You can save what you have accomplished and pick up where you left off later.

Check out the link below to find further tips on creating the best profile possible!

Using LinkedIn Paid Off – Find out how



A LinkedIn Success Story….just one of many.

The following post is the story of a young man who learned how to use LinkedIn (professional social media tool) and that knowledge paid off. So, yes, this is another plug for learning how to use LinkedIn and creating a profile for yourself.

Are you ready to create a profile? If so come to Western Technical College’s LinkedIn Workshop on Friday, March 20th from 1-4 pm….we will be in B108 (Business Education Building-Room 108). We are prepared to take your professional photo and either help you get your profile started or help you to develop what you have already started. Remember: Adding your professional photo makes your profile 7 times more likely to be found in searches, so it is well worth taking the time to get a nice photo taken!

Now click below and read Carlos Gil’s story.

New information on Resumes


Resume image4

The link I am going to share with you today was shared with me by my supervisor. When one works in the Career Services department for a college, one likes to stay up to date on things. After all, we are sharing/teaching information that can change lives.

You will notice that Social Media Resumes are the number one type of resume mentioned. Career Services staff have been encouraging all Western students to create a LinkedIn profile for over a year now. If you haven’t done it yet, you are getting behind the times!

Both my supervisor and I were intrigued by the promotion of “video resumes,” which you will see when you read through this infographic.

Are you familiar with infographics? Infographics are relatively new to me too. Is this the first infographic that you have seen? Click on the link below and take a look at: “How to Keep Up with Changing Resume Trends.”

Understand how employer’s are using social media to hire


Hi all,
Wanted to share this article with you because it makes some good points! All about the importance of being professional when you are using social media. Click on the link below to see a well written article and the author makes some good points.

More on Networking: The #1 way to do a job search



Another good article appeared in my email in-box today.

How do I find these great articles? I have a LinkedIn profile and I have joined some groups. This particular article posted by a NACE group member (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and was written for US News. The link to the article appeared in my in-box late yesterday. You can sign up for groups that pertain to your industry (LinkedIn helps you be aware of these groups based on words you use in the profile you have created for yourself).

The author of this article, Hannah Morgan knows what she is talking about. Her words support what Chris Czarnik, the Czar of Job Search had to tell us this last spring when he came to Western Technical College to talk about how to do an effective job search. Mr. Czarnik also wrote the book, “The Human Search Engine,” which is in it’s second printing. Both of these sources support what research has proven; that the number one way to find employment is networking. The issue with that fact is that networking isn’t easy! Networking takes time and energy and one must put forth some effort to meet new people. It is important to track who you have talked with and what you learned so that you can see what other efforts you need to make in learning about a specific company.

With each contact that you make, you are going to want to ask, “Who should I talk to next?” Always, always find that next person who can give you more information about the company or the industry you are interested in. I recommend that you chart out your efforts in a notebook. You can use a tree method such as the one in the picture above. When you choose this method, you will remember who introduced someone to you and how every one is connected.

Networking can take any number of forms. We here in Career Services have begun to support and teach students how to use LinkedIn. LinkedIn!? Yes, it is a social media website, but it also assists you with your networking…it is in essence another way to network!

Do you spend huge amounts of time on LinkedIn and other social networks? No, absolutely not. As Hannah Morgan explains, networking must be approached from a number of different angles; done in a number of different ways. Do read her article at:

Words NOT to use when creating your LinkedIn profile



Bringing you some words of advice today from an article at Click on the link to read tips about words you should NOT choose when you are creating your LinkedIn profile and why.

Happy networking!