Networking: #1 Method


When you are conducting a job search, there are certainly many ways to spend your time. You could be putting all of your time into completing on-line applications, or researching what companies you want to work for, or drafting and re-drafting your resume. All of that is important, but time must be spent networking as well. It is people who make things happen after all….so it is people that you must be talking to.

Have you made a list of people in your profession that you know? Have you made a list of people that you know through other venues besides work? Think of neighbors, friends, community members.

When you have an extensive list, then it is time to expand your list by asking those on your list to introduce you to people who can give you information about the companies or people that you need to know, in order to learn more about your profession. Everyone that you talk with can lead you to another person whom you have not met yet.

Your resume is a tool to help these contacts understand your skills and abilities, so share your resume with any and all contacts.

Remember that most of the people you talk with do not have the power to hire you, but they help by providing you with information. You job is to describe your skills and abilities and learn about employer needs and how you could fill those needs. It is all about demonstrating verbally that you can meet the needs of a company out there.

If you need help with this, ask for help. No one does it on their own.

Happy Networking!