Effective Job Seeking



I have over 20 years of experience helping people find employment. I used to work in a job center. I know how complicated it can be to do an effective job search. I know that many people waste an awful lot of time by spending all of their time on the computer submitting on line applications.

You need to know that there are more effective ways of getting noticed and hired. Yes, it is crucial that you get a resume expert to help you with your resume. It is also crucial that you “talk” to people. It is crucial that you learn how to network professionally. You have got to talk to people that work where you want to work. Once you have researched the company and met someone who works there, you want to ask this person to make a referral to the company for you. It does not matter if there is an opening or not. You need to ask someone working there to give your name and/or resume to the person who recruits for the company. Today I ran across an excellent article that verifies this as fact.

Hannah Morgan of Career Sherpa has some good solid advice for you to consider as you plan out your job search strategy.

How Employers Fill Jobs: Top Sources of Hire 2016


Do I send a Thank You note after my interview?



In my experience, I have heard most professionals state that a Thank You note after a job interview is absolutely necessary.  I have heard employers state that they don’t make a difference and they don’t have time to read them anyway. When I worked in a Job Center I always encouraged my job seeking clients to send one.  Why?

  • It gives you a chance to say what you wanted to cover, but overlooked during the interview.
  • A chance to repeat why you feel you are the best person for the job.
  • To impress them with something that you remember being mentioned during the interview.
  • To elaborate or further explain your answer to a question that you may not have answered all that well during the interview.
  • To suggest a solution to a problem that came up during the interview.
  • To re-state your reasons for wanting the job.

They all seem like good reasons to spend a few minutes preparing a Thank You for the job interview, don’t they?

Source:  https://thingscareerrelated.com/2016/04/09/6-topics-to-include-in-your-follow-up-note/

Interview Questions -That I can ask



As a job interview draws to a close, the person interviewing you always asks if you have any questions for him/her.  This question is as important as all the other questions that were asked during the interview. If you do not have even one question about this possible opportunity, what does that say about you?  Lack of interest?

Often, over the years, I have seen people struggle with what kind of questions they can ask.  Any professional advice that we might see or hear generally includes a warning about what we should NOT ask.

Somewhere I read an idea for a great question that most people find impactful, and it has stuck with me.  You can ask: “If I were to be the person you chose to hire, where would you see me six months from now…what level would you expect me to be at, or what accomplishments would you be expecting to see me achieve in this position?

Today this article was in my in-box – to add further good questions to your “list of interview questions I can ask.”