The Truth about “Soft Skills” – Some people call them “Employability Skills” – or “Transferrable Skills”



We go to college to gain needed skills in the workplace.  At the same time, while we are attending classes, and meeting new people we are developing our “soft skills, employability skills or transferrable skills (how society labels these skills can vary).  Lets call them “soft skills” for the purposes of this post.

Soft skills are a part of our personality. They are the same skills that are a part of our character and which we develop as we age. Communication, Work Ethic, Integrity, Kindness, Teamwork Skills, Flexibility/Adaptability, Problem-Solving Skills, just to name a few. Then add the necessary skills of: Time Management, Stress Management and how we handle conflict in the work place.

When we interview for a job we need to be prepared to share our technical skills that we have learned in college as well as our soft skills that we have developed along the way. Thus the reason for situational interview questions. Interviewers believe that they can pick up on how you will handle things in the workplace if they have you tell them a story about how you handled things in past employment situations.

Another good article that will help you connect with what I am saying:


Using Networking to get Referred to a Job



Part of networking is reaching out to people you know who work for the company that you want to work for.

Perhaps you are thinking: “But I don’t know anyone that is working for one of the companies I want to be working for.”  How can you be so sure?  Think about your roles in society (son, daughter, brother, sister); about where you go every day. Every week. Everyone of us knows many people, it is impossible not to. Your parents have friends, your grandparents have friends, your neighbors know people, and those people know people. How many times in the last year have you said, “Gosh! It is a small world!”

Once you decide on a career path, it is a matter of beginning to let these people know what you are looking for in a job, and sharing what skills you have gained through either your college education or experiences that you have acquired through working.

The link below will help you to begin to believe that getting referred for job openings happens much more than you may think.