2015 Recruiting Trends from Career Sherpa



As you all know, I don’t usually post two days in a row. I have to this week because of the article that showed up in my in box this morning. You will want to skim it.

See below link for some interesting information about how employment recruiters are using social media to find their talent.



I Don’t See My Strengths…How Can I Show To An Employer?



Are you one of those people who struggle to describe your strengths? Who thinks you have nothing to bring to the table?

You are not alone. I would guess that one third of all people that come into Career Services here at Western Technical College, cannot put into words what their strengths are. This is more common than you may think.

Western Technical College students and alumni – We are here to help you. Our resume handbook, our handouts, a career assessment that can put your strengths into words, plus a website called Onet – http://www.onetonline.org/ –  can help.

Along with all of that we will stick by you and coach you until you have mastered the skills you need to become an effective job seeker.

Until you have time to come in and see us, I will coach you using a great article I saw today by Career Sherpa’s Hannah Morgan. She does a great job of describing what kinds of strengths employers are looking for. Hopefully, you will see yourself in a few of these. Click on link below.


S-T-R-E-T-C-H Yourself!


continuing education

Today, I ran across an article about being successful in the work place. This article REALLY does an entertaining job of helping us be brave, proud and confident!  Don’t miss this one!

It’s scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but we do it every time we stretch ourselves to get better at something….it becomes necessary in order to continue to learn.

So, as Marietta says,

You will continue to push through because stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy, but neither is staying in it.

Click on the link below to read her very interesting and lively article….if you are a movie goer, you won’t want to miss it!

Source:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-entertained-marietta-gentles-crawford-cprw?trk=pulse_spock-articles


Want to become GOOD at job seeking?


Be Strategic in Your Job Search[1]

What does it take to become “good” at something? What does it take to be considered an “expert” in your field?

I can now tell people that I am a job seeking expert. I suddenly realized that not everyone has the number of years of experience that I have in the field. In fact, I am continuously surprised at how little some people know about doing an effective job search. The remarkable thing is that they think they are doing everything they need to be doing.

The #1 thing on author Hannah Morgan’s list (article link below) is:  “Treat their (your) job search as a full time job.” Hannah suggests that you put at least 30 hours per week into your job search and I still recommend the same thing to those I am working with.  It is so easy to get caught up in doing other things when you are not working. Encourage yourself to stay focused on your job search.

An effective job searcher uses all aspects of job seeking. The following are just some: Research employers, prepare a resume, write a cover letter, talk with your references, have your reference page ready, fill out job applications, talk with people who can help you find people who can help, learn effective networking, do your homework (entire shelves of job seeking books in your local library), visit your college’s career services office, visit your local job center, attend free workshops on job seeking techniques, follow Western Technical College’s Career Services Blog, and finally read the article below by Career Sherpa’s Hannah Morgan.