See Things From the Interviewers Perspective



I have been coaching people through the job interview for years, and yet I had a bit of an “Ah Ha” moment this last year when I was preparing to present in a classroom. I was watching a video where they compared the preparation for an interview to preparation for going on a hike. That senario really clicked with me.

Think about it. When you go on a hike, you wouldn’t think of starting out without good shoes, bug repellent, a back pack and a water bottle among other necessities. Why wouldn’t we prepare for an interview in the same way?

In preparation for the interview for the job I am currently in, I did the following:
Read the job description that I was given thoroughly
Thought about the skills they were looking for and how I could demonstrate that I had those skills, making notes for myself – always pretend that they have not thoroughly read your resume during the interview – you must mention your skills!
Wrote out how I wanted to answer the question, “Tell me about yourself”
Put extra resumes in my portfolio (which can be anything from a three ring binder to a folder)
Copied my transcripts and put a copy in the portfolio
Prepared a 3X5 card with all the key words I needed to remember my strengths, my weaknesses and how I have worked to over come my weaknesses, key words to help me remember 3-4 stories that I came up with that demonstrate the fact that I have acquired team work and problem solving skills and placed this 3X5 card in the pocket of my portfolio
Checked out my interview outfit – deciding to go with another one since the following day was going to be in the 90’s
Chose proper shoes and went over my appearance

On the morning of the interview then, I would skim through all of the notes I had made for myself, refreshing my memory in order to be fully prepared.

Being prepared is the most important thing you can do to improve your level of confidence!

Found another good article that you will want to take a glance at. Some tougher interview questions that even I have not seen. Always pays to be prepared for these types of questions. You want to be able to answer them to the best of your ability. Click on the below link.


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