Great tips on preparing a cover letter that works for you!



Hi Western Students! Today I am sharing a link to an article written by job searching expert, Alison Doyle. Her article describes in detail some of the many things that you need to think of when you are drafting an effective cover letter. I can assure you (from experience) that a good cover letter can get you an interview! Never doubt it!

Thanks for your tips Alison Doyle!

Click on the link below.


Is it a good idea to send a “Thank you for the Interview” note?


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I have several years of experience as a job seeking coach. When I read professional articles (like the one below), I notice that over and over again the experts recommend that we send a thank-you note after an interview. The experts tell us that it is a good way to stand out.

And why not do a thank-you? It takes all of 15 minutes or less. So why not? It certainly is not going to hurt anything.

To make sure you don’t negatively affect your chances of landing the job, you can read this article (click on the link below) which warns you of what to avoid when writing your thank-you note.

Wondering why you didn’t get called for an interview?



Discovered a really great article this morning. Written by job searching expert, Alison Doyle. She does a fantastic job of helping you evaluate WHY you didn’t get an interview. You felt like you would be a perfect fit when you applied, so why haven’t you been called for an interview?

Believe me there can be many reasons; some that have not occurred to you. Click on the link below to learn more. For 18 of the 25 reasons that she shares she has written an article that teaches you how to over come that barrier, so I encourage you to click on the links where you need to learn more. Anyone can become a job seeking expert….as with anything, the more time we put into it, the better we get at it.