Job Seeking isn’t easy; you need to be careful – mistakes to avoid


Be Strategic in Your Job Search[1]

We all make choices. We choose our own behavior. The only way we can be successful with following Alison Doyle’s advice in the following article (see link below) is to choose positive behaviors.

To choose positive behaviors in this increasingly stressful world, we must focus on the positive, and practice excellent self care. What do I mean by self care? I mean we must choose to excercise regularly and add other ways to de-stress during the day (like deep breathing and/or doing stretches during the day).

What do I mean by excercising regularly? I do a lot of reading and to me excercising regularly means striving to excercise each day and starting out with a goal that you can reach. I started out with a goal that was worded like this, “I WILL walk for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.” This initial goal was successful as now I am up to walking at least 30 minutes every day of the week. Yes, I miss a day here and there, but I am still walking more than I ever did before I started setting goals for myself. Maybe you are saying, “I dislike walking.” Then I would emphasize that you need to choose a type of excercise that you are able to motivate yourself to do….and again, set a goal that is reachable for you right now and work up from there.

Another area of personal self care is getting enough rest. I know for a fact that I need a certain amount of sleep and if I don’t get it, I am not the normally cheerful person that I tend to be (when I am getting enough sleep). Here again, you are the best judge of how much sleep you need and you may need to experiment and pay attention to your moods each day. I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. How much do you need to be at your most cheerful self?

When we aren’t taking care of ourselves tempers rise and patience wears thin! We might make a choice we are sorry for later. Let’s face it. We are the sharpest and we are at our best when we get enough sleep and excercise regularly.

So now, click on the link below and read what choices you are going to want to avoid.


How to clean up your social media sites to improve chances of hire.



I am thinking everyone knows by now how damaging certain comments on social media can be. Even joking on facebook about certain things can ruin your chances of being hired for the job of your dreams. Why take that chance? The following article gives you six things you should never mention on social media sites.

Job Seeking Advice for Introverts; Do you struggle to make small talk?


Be Strategic in Your Job Search[1]

We (Introverts) do struggle to make small talk, don’t we? Yes, I am an Introvert. I prefer to communicate in writing rather than talking. I need quiet time each day and receive energy from my internal thoughts, feelings and reflections. I tend to reflect before acting or speaking, and although I have overcome my fear of talking to groups, I really need to know my material to feel comfident in front of a group.

If this describes you as well, I am certain you will want to read the article that I found in my in-box today. It is all about being successful as a job seeker even though we are not talkative. The author of the below article also shares some interesting book titles that I am thinking about looking into myself!