LinkedIn-You need a 100% profile


imagesCABRNPI2“On LinkedIn, a complete profile means that it’s 100% finished.”
“Nothing much happens on LinkedIn until your profile is at 100%.”

These quotes prompt us to ask, “How do you get your profile to 100%? According to my research, one needs to have their photo on LinkedIn and one needs at least 3 recommendations. To ask someone to write a recommendation for your LinkedIn profile use the form that LinkedIn provides when you click on, “Ask for a recommendation.”

I have heard several times, and it is verified in these sources, that a photo is mandatory. I can see from being out on LinkedIn that many of you are avoiding this. We can all have a photo taken that we can live with. Keep trying until you manage to obtain one that you are pleased with. Good friends can help. I scanned, cut, and pasted mine out of a professionally taken family photo. My smile is genuine. So it’s a bit more close up then I would like….oh well, at least I’m smiling.

Remember to keep everything on LinkedIn purely professional – that means do not post anything that isn’t related to your professional career. In describing your past jobs or work experience, don’t just list tasks. Summarize some major achievements of yours. Use statements that are “prove it” statements. By that I mean, use words that describe what you have achieved. For example: “Frequently served as store supervisor in the manager’s absence,” demonstrates a strong work ethic and proves that you can be trusted with that kind of responsibility. You can even tell a story about your achievements, after all LinkedIn does provide plenty of space for this.

In the SUMMARY area be sure to state what makes you a better hire than the 19 other people who might compete for the kind of job you want. Under SPECIALTIES list every keyword you can think of that would lead a search engine to find you for the job that you want. It is suggested that you add links to any website you feel would help you stand out: your blog? your Twitter account? Facebook? (Remember: only websites that will help you get hired). Join one or more LinkedIn groups related to your expertise. “Groups” are in the bar across the top of your home page. Once you have filled out your profile completely, you can click on “Groups” and then on the subheading, “Groups You May Like.” LinkedIn will make suggestions, based on your profile, with information about each group. Finally, there is a place on LinkedIn to describe any projects that you are proud of.

When you have covered all of the above, you should be close to 100%. Let us know here in Career Services if you need help. Sources: 2014 Edition of What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles and How to Find a Job On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + by Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp.


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